What is Replay.gg?

Replay.GG is a League of legends replay service. When you sign up for Replay.gg, our servers will automatically record every single game you play. When you want to watch a replay, simply search your summoner name and you'll see the replays for all your recent games.

Do I need to download/install special software like LolReplay?

No. Our servers automatically do everything, no software download/installation is needed.

How long are replays available? Will they get deleted?

All replays will be deleted after 7-days of inactivity, or 30 days maximum. This way you may view your pre-patch replays if you chose not to update or maintain a copy of the old client.

Does this support Windows & Mac clients?

Yes. Replays will work on both Windows, Mac, and even Linux machines.

Who can view my replays? Does anyone have access to them?

Replays are public, and anyone can watch anybody else's replays if they signed up for our service.

How can I unsubscribe from the service?

To unsubscribe, rename a runepage to "unsubscribe.gg" and click HERE.

Report Bugs to: admin@replay.gg